Master the Packing Game: Discover Your Private Jet's Luggage Capacity

Dylan Anderson
May 6, 2024

Planning your next journey on a private jet with combines luxury travel with unmatched personalization. Our team pays close attention to every detail, including how much luggage you plan to bring to ensure the aircraft has enough space. Whether you are heading to a critical business meeting or escaping for a relaxing retreat, understanding luggage logistics helps you leverage the full benefits of private jet travel.

At, we assist you in choosing the best jet for your travel needs, factoring in both the number of passengers and your luggage requirements. Our digital booking process makes this step quick and straightforward, helping you find the right aircraft for your trip.

Luggage Guidelines by Jet Size

Light Jets: These jets cater to those who need quick, efficient travel for up to six people. They typically manage about 5-6 pieces of soft-sided luggage, aligning with the passenger count. Light jets are perfect for those who prefer to travel light and fast.

Mid-Sized and Super-Mid Jets: Designed for those requiring a bit more space, these jets accommodate 7-10 passengers and an equal number of luggage pieces. This makes them ideal for longer trips or larger groups, ensuring that everyone’s essentials are managed with care.

Large Jets: These jets are designed for those who need the most space and offer a smooth experience for 11-20 pieces of luggage. For example, the Bombardier Global 6000 not only provides ample passenger space but also features extensive luggage compartments to handle everything you need for longer stays or special events.

Understanding Luggage Volume: How Much Space Does Your Bag Take?

When packing for a private jet trip, it's helpful to understand how much space a typical suitcase occupies. Generally, a standard checked bag, often used in commercial airline travel, measures about 27 x 21 x 14 inches. When converted to cubic feet, this roughly translates to about 5 cubic feet per suitcase. This estimation helps you visualize how many bags can fit into the luggage compartment of a private jet.

For smaller, carry-on type luggage, usually measuring around 22 x 14 x 9 inches, the volume is about 1.8 cubic feet. Knowing these measurements can aid in planning and packing, especially when flying on jets with smaller cargo capacities. By calculating the volume of your luggage ahead of time, you can better utilize the space available and ensure that your travel essentials accompany you, hassle-free.

Jets with the Largest Cargo Space:

Heavy Jets: The Gulfstream G650, for instance, provides about 195 cubic feet of cargo space, fitting 18-20 standard suitcases.

Ultra Long Range Jets: The Bombardier Global 7500, with around 202 cubic feet of cargo space, can handle more than 20 suitcases, ideal for those who don’t want to leave anything behind.

Jets with the Smallest Cargo Space:

Very Light Jets: The Cirrus Vision Jet stands out in this category, offering about 60 cubic feet of cargo space. This space typically accommodates about 5 suitcases, ideal for individuals or small groups looking for quick and efficient travel without a lot of baggage.

Compact Light Jets: The HondaJet continues to be a strong choice, with a cargo space of about 66 cubic feet. It can comfortably fit 5-7 suitcases, perfectly suited for those who need to balance speed and efficiency with their packing needs.

Jets Ideal for Large Equipment:

Super-Mid Size Jets: The Bombardier Challenger 350, with its spacious 106 cubic feet cargo hold, comfortably accommodates sports equipment along with standard luggage.

Large Jets: The Embraer Legacy 650 is another excellent choice for transporting larger items, offering 286 cubic feet of cargo space.

Packing Tips for Private Jet Travelers

Soft-sided luggage is recommended as it fits more easily into the unique shapes of private jet luggage compartments. We advise checking specific luggage allowances through’s comprehensive client services team before your flight. Different aircraft models and specific trip requirements might influence the amount and type of luggage you can bring.

Travel Smarter with

Choosing means opting for a travel provider that cares about the nuances of your travel experience. Our commitment to detail ensures a seamless travel experience tailored to your needs, from passenger capacity to luggage accommodations. Contact us today to start planning your next trip with a jet perfectly suited to meet your specifications and enhance your travel experience.

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