A Jet Card Program That Puts You First


Travel Without Surprises

As a Jet Card member, you have access to exclusive and consistent hourly rates. The Jet Card takes away the hassle of watching changing rates and trying to find the right time to book your flight. Simply book your flight with our consistent pay-per-hour rates. Take comfort in being able to book a flight at any time without worrying about surprise price fluctuations or hidden fees.

Get Rewarded for Your Travel

We at Jet Charter are grateful for our passengers, and we believe in giving back to those who choose to fly with us. Regardless of your tier, our Jet Card program brings you exclusive access to expanded travel perks when you fly—experience perks like complimentary catering allowances, meal vouchers and even jet grade upgrades. A Jet Card Membership gives you a world of benefits to match the incomparable convenience.

Fly with Confidence

Jet Charter strives to provide the best private flying experience possible, which includes holding every flight crew and aircraft to the highest safety standards. We require WYVERN safety records, WYVERN PASS reports and ARG/US Trip CHEQ audit reports from pilots and aircraft. Every flight also goes through a comprehensive safety inspection before taking off, so you can enjoy peace of mind on every trip.

Choose from Multiple Tiers

Our Jet Card Membership allows you several tiers to choose from, and a wide range of benefits, so that you can pick the tier that best fits your travel needs. Each tier provides varying levels of perks, from reduced fuel charges to higher catering allowances. You can simply choose your jet class preference and member tier and start earning. With all of the options, we are happy to help you decide which tier makes the most sense for you depending on your travel frequency and preferences.

Change Your Travel Experience for Good

Contact us today to discuss which options may work the best for you. Our team is ready to help you start earning the rewards you deserve.