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KTEB - Teterboro Airport (Teterboro) - New Jersey, United States
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Private Charter Made Simple provides the exclusive experience in flight. Your lifestyle demands that elite level of care. We understand those needs. Most of the aspects you need, come with your chartered jet. Our aircraft covers everything. When there are other requests, all you need to do is ask. We get it done. Let us be your jet charter company from now on.


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Our Jet Charter Company offers the most prestigious experience in chartered flights to our clients. Most private jet plane companies offer a high-end flight. We pride ourselves in going a step beyond. The relationships that we have with the best chartered jet pilots is the heart of what we provide. We have the best aircraft, with the exclusive benefits that you desire. Our goal is to always provide that, along with a relaxing in-flight experience. Arrive in style and enjoy your journey with an elite level of care in chartered jets.


We Take Safety Seriously

We conduct continuous safety due-diligence on our entire network of private air charter operators.

Safest Aircraft

Our aircraft go through a stringent due diligence checklist, so you know you are flying with a quality aircraft. Every aircraft is ARG/US certified and WYVERN authorized.

Pilots We Trust

The aircraft is only half of private jet charter safety. The pilot is the other half. We permit only the most qualified pilots to operate your jet charter.

Certified Maintenance

From inspecting every inch of the aircraft before you take off to making sure your pilot is well trained and certified, we are committed to the highest private jet safety regulations.

Standards and Practices

Our 24/7 service availability provides you with a chartered jet whenever you need to go somewhere. You never need to pay for a contract to have access to this superior service. It is always available for you. There are discounts available if you need to save money. They provide the feeling of owning a chartered jet without any commitment or tax disadvantages. offers your life the lifestyle you know you want. We are dependable and offer the best in-flight experience anywhere today. We offer dedicated concierge level service to our clients. One call to us is all you need. We will be there to handle all your jet chartered needs.

Our Jet Charter Company Safety

While all private jet plane companies have safety protocols in place for flights, we exceed those requirements. We provide flawless care for you and your guests, as we keep everyone safe. The pilots have a background check and exceed the requirements for the FAA as well. is both WYVERN authorized ARG/US certified. Each charter includes a pre-flight inspection. We look at everything from top to bottom. Every part of the aircraft must exceed those FAA mandated requirements first. It is the safest aircraft anywhere. The exclusivity promises the highest level of security as well. You know that booking with us means you and your guests on the flight are in the safest place in the sky.

The Benefits of Flying With

It feels like your own aircraft. When you are able to call for a chartered jet anytime, it is convenient. There are no TSA checkpoints. You are in an exclusive airport at departure and arrival. Your comfort is number one for us at every level. Some aircraft have beds and showers available. Your flights can include what feels like an exclusive resort visit to and from your destinations. There are perks and upgrades as frequent flyers. You can fly anyone with you, at any time. We have clients that have their business meetings in flight. When they land, they entertain their clients. All of that is a reality through us. It is an experience you will always want for life. Choices

Experience the choices that we offer for yourself. We find the best prices in the market, with the most exclusive aircraft and pilots, and bring it all to you. When you book a flight, you select which aircraft you wish to use, and leave the rest to us. Our point-to-point pricing is perfect for those that need a one-way flight. We even offer empty-leg private charters for your needs. You can get your chartered jet quote in minutes. It is an authentic on-demand charter service. There are no membership fees either. Our special fixed-route program allows clients who need to travel somewhere often, great rates and the exclusivity they deserve. You are in complete control with our industry of chartered aircraft. Create an itinerary, and you are off to anywhere you like. Take a group of people somewhere special, or use it for business. Either way, you know to expect the highest level of exclusivity anywhere.

Select the best choice in private jet plane companies today. Flying with us. Our dedicated 24/7 concierge service is waiting for your call. You can leave for your destination in 4 hours. There is no TSA for you to go through. Save all the hassle. Avoid the crowds. Have your paperwork for the chosen destination ready, and head out on your adventure. Wait in exclusive terminals all over the world. It is that easy. Should you need help with destinations, allow us to recommend a few. We know some of the best places that most people never even knew existed.

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