Mid-Size Jets

Jet Charter offers the largest corporate fleet worldwide of mid-size jets with a range of options including Citation Ultra, Encore and Sovereign. All Citation Jets provide impressive performance and comfort leading to the lowest direct operating costs available for a second jet in your business fleet. The clean lines of this midsize airplane make it a favorite among business travelers who have likened this jet to a "mini-executive" airplane.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mid-Size Jets?

These offer a combination of performance and cabin space, without the high cost. They also represent multiple options for mid-size aircraft manufacturers such as Bombardier, Dassault Falcon, Honda Jet, and Cessna Citation .Their design makes it possible to achieve maximum speed while still maximizing range relative to other jet sizes. These aircraft are generally more fuel efficient than larger aircraft and retain the cabin space needed for an executive jet.

What Are the Benefits of Mid-Size Jets?

There are several benefits of mid-size jets. Their cabin space is comparable to that of larger business class planes, but they don't cost as much as larger jets. They also offer high speed and impressive range for their size. These planes fly at speeds that are comparable to larger executive jets, allowing you to get where you're going more quickly.

What are the comfort features of Mid-Size Jets?

All of these aircraft provide impressive performance and comfort leading to the lowest direct operating costs available for a second jet in your business fleet: - Custom cabinetry designed to client specifications - Full galley amenities - Aft stateroom sleeping accommodations for two or three passengers - Three-zone cabin heating and cooling controls - Fully forward lavatory with HVAC control unit. - Leather seating throughout including fixed club, fixed aft facing and fold out sleeper seat. - Computer workstation with modem and printer hookup in stateroom - Crossover entertainment system with LCD screen.

Why Choose Jet Charter for these Jets?

With over 25 years of experience specializing in business aviation, Charter Flight Group has the knowledge and expertise to get your flight booked with ease.

What are the safety procedures?

All charter flights adhere to strict safety regulations and we ensure that we use experienced, highly qualified pilots. We also require each pilot to receive a thorough background check before flying any of our customers. Our jet charter company adheres to all FAA and DOT regulations and ensures that your mid-size airplane is meticulously maintained and serviced according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

What are the extra costs for these jets?

We will be happy to provide an estimate of any additional costs prior to your flight, such as cabin crew and catering charges.

What is included in the invoice?

The charges for our mid-size jets charter flights include pilot fees, fuel surcharges and tie down fees. Our rates do not include airport landing and handling fees, ramp or parking costs. We will provide you with an estimate of these additional costs before confirming your flight.

How should I get reimbursed for the flight?

If you would like to be invoiced, we can provide a billing invoice to make it easy for you to submit your invoice and payment. We also accept wire transfers from other financial institutions upon request. You may choose a method that is best suited for your business or personal needs.

What do I require to book Mid-Size Jets?

To book a mid-size jet charter flight, we will need to receive the following information: - Passenger list (names and passport or ID numbers) - Flight brief (flight itinerary including starting and final destination cities) - Required maintenance checks for charter flights over 24 hours. - Insurance certificate required for passenger liability coverage. Fill out the Request A Quote form on our site to receive a free quote and as much information as possible so we can best meet your jet charter flight needs. One of our experienced customer service representatives will review your request shortly after you submit it and send you an estimated quote. In conclusion, there are many advantages to owning a mid-size jet. If you are looking for an affordable, efficient way to charter your flight, the Citation Encore is the perfect choice. Contact Jet Charter today to schedule your mid-size jet charter flight.