Super Mid-Size Jets

JetCharter is a world-class charter and management company, serving the global private aviation industry for over four decades. JetCharter has an unrivalled service around transportation and travel around the globe providing clients with tailored solutions to meet their requirements. We operate a fleet of super mid-size jet aircraft capable of flying nonstop between any major center city or state throughout the United States.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Super Mid-Size Jets?

Super mid-size jets are twin engine, long range corporate jet aircraft. They can fly farther and faster than smaller aircraft, which makes them better suited for business travel because they save time and don't require multiple connections. Their increased size and carrying capacity means they can carry more passengers or cargo for a given trip length, also increasing productivity by reducing the number of trips needed to transport the same amount of people or cargo.

What are the comfort features of Super Mid-Size Jets?

Our Super Mid-Size Jets come with grandeur interiors, cutting edge technology and amenities that give you optimal comfort in the air. All aircraft are equipped with advanced amenities including wireless internet, satellite TV, on board lavatory and gourmet catering. You will experience a personalized and attentive service from the moment you step on board our jet until you arrive at your destination, ready to take on anything that comes your way.

Who can use Super Mid-Size Jets?

Super Mid-Size Jets are ideal for business professionals who need to travel between major cities or states on a regular basis. In addition, our jets are also used by athletes and celebrities who value their privacy.

What are the safety procedures of Super Mid-Size Jets?

Super Jets comply with all statutory and regulatory safety requirements. The pilots are highly experienced and receive regular training to maintain their superior skills.

What kind of charter is there for a Super Mid-Size Jet?

We offer a wide range of services from one way, same day trips to long term leasing options. We also provide aircraft management services.

What kind of aircraft is there for a Super Mid-Size Jet?

We currently operate two charter and management fleets: the Learjet 35A and Challenger 350. The fleet includes midsize, super mid-size and large cabin jets which we use to fulfill our clients' charter requirements. Upon request, we will provide you with a full aircraft and crew manifest at least 24-hours prior to departure.

How can you make a reservation for a Super Mid-Size Jet?

You may contact our experienced Air Charter Advisors directly via phone or email to discuss your specific requirements. We will then provide you with an obligation free quote within just 2 hours from the time of your initial call. You can also book directly on our website or contact your preferred travel professional to obtain a quote for you needs. Aircraft availability varies according to the time of year. Month-to-month fluctuations can be considerable, so we recommend that you contact us well in advance of your preferred date.

What is the cost range of a Super Mid-Size Jet?

Our rates vary depending on aircraft availability and utilization rate, destination and duration of charter and number of passengers. We will be happy to provide you with a guaranteed all-inclusive quote. Super Mid-Size Jets provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride. They represent the ideal solution to your business travel needs, wherever you need to fly. Contact us now for a full quote.

What are the safety procedures for Turbo Jets?

Turbo jets are operated by trained pilots who undergo regular testing to ensure safety. They follow procedures including pre-flight checklists, cross checks and backups for all critical systems as well as regular inspections of the engines and controls. In addition, they come with a number of standard equipment that helps keep passengers safe such as life vests, oxygen masks and first aid kits. In conclusion, turbo jets allow passengers to fly in comfort without losing the speed and convenience that private jets offer. With a short runway takeoff and landing, high speeds and great maneuverability, this aircraft is perfect for busy professionals who need to get to their destinations quickly and safely.