Turbo Jets

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Turbo jets?

Turbo jets are small, multi engine jet planes that typically seat between 8 and 18 passengers. Each turbo jet plane has several powerful engines which allow it to travel with speeds up to 750 miles per hour with a range of 2,000 nautical miles. They are perfect for busy professionals who need to get back and forth from the office quickly, without sacrificing comfort.

What does a Turbo Jet Charter entail?

A turbo jet charter is similar to a private jet charter in that it offers customers the chance to fly with style and class aboard their own aircraft - only smaller. They travel much slower than large jets but can be a better option for shorter flights. They travel at speeds of up to 700 miles per hour and have a range of 1,600 nautical miles.

What is a Turbo Jet's Cabin Like?

The aircrafts typically feature a single aisle cabin with leather seats that recline. The interior itself is wide enough for three rows of four passengers each or two rows for six passengers each. On average the cabin is about five feet tall and can be configured similar to that of a business class jet.

What are the Benefits of chartering turbo jets?

They are perfect for busy professionals who need to get back and forth from the office quickly, without sacrificing comfort. The small size of turbo planes makes it easier to land in small airports which can allow customers to fly into airports that larger jets cannot access.

How much is a Turbo Jet Charter?

The average rate for a turbo jet charter can vary depending on distance and availability. Contact us for an expedited quote today.

What services can be used for Turbo Jet?

They are perfect for quick business trips, air taxis, pleasure getaways or even cross country family vacations. They can accommodate up to 18 passengers but will usually be configured with a maximum of 12 seats to ensure comfort and luxury.

What makes Turbo Jets unique?

They have a lot going for them in terms of speed, maneuverability and smaller landing requirements. This makes them a good choice for executive travel. They are small gas turbine engine airplanes that can achieve relatively short takeoff distances. In fact, some of them require as little as 835 feet to take off from an airfield or 515 feet from a runway with obstacles on either end. The high speeds, high rate of climb and good maneuverability of these aircrafts make it possible for them to land at smaller airports. In addition, they can quickly climb to high altitudes so they easily avoid turbulence or bad weather which is a common factor in many other aircrafts. They also have great range so it's possible to go from one side of the country to another in just a few hours.

How can one request for a Turbo Jet Charter?

JetCharter offers the opportunity to charter these aircrafts in just minutes through its user-friendly booking engine. Most requests can be taken care of in under 24 hours with no need for any membership fees or other types of hidden costs. Call, email or visit our website for more information.

What are the safety procedures for Turbo Jets?

Turbo jets are operated by trained pilots who undergo regular testing to ensure safety. They follow procedures including pre-flight checklists, cross checks and backups for all critical systems as well as regular inspections of the engines and controls. In addition, they come with a number of standard equipment that helps keep passengers safe such as life vests, oxygen masks and first aid kits. In conclusion, turbo jets allow passengers to fly in comfort without losing the speed and convenience that private jets offer. With a short runway takeoff and landing, high speeds and great maneuverability, this aircraft is perfect for busy professionals who need to get to their destinations quickly and safely.