Heavy Jets

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Heavy Jets?

Long-range business jets that seat between eleven and nineteen passengers are known as heavy jets, because they are larger than light business jets. Large jets, which have a capacity of 20 to 50 passengers, are known as ultra-heavy jets. They can range from a wide-body aircraft that can seat up to 400 people, to a narrow-body corporate jet that is only used for commercial use. These jets are specifically designed for passengers who will be flying long distances and need more leg room and comfort.

What do Heavy Jets Include?

They include a whole level of extras which you cannot find on light jets, for example you can find luxury interiors and fully stocked bars.

What are the Benefits of Using Heavy Jets?

Since they are larger they provide more space than light aircraft, with added comfort including wider seats up to be able to seat three people across the seat. Some of them also include wash rooms so you can freshen up while travelling. They also travel faster and for longer distances while still carrying a large number of passengers, something lighter aircrafts cannot do.

How Much Do They Cost to Book?

There is no set price for heavy jets and they can range from per hour. It all depends on the size of the jet and where you are flying. Contact us to get an expedited quote today.

What are the safety procedures for Heavy Jets?

They are all certified by the FAA to fly, and they have regular maintenance checks to keep them updated. All pilots must go through health tests before flying, also random drug tests throughout their career. Pilots also undergo regular training sessions so that they are always practicing the basics including take offs and landings. Heavy jets also have many safety backups that include but are not limited to, more engines than a light aircraft and even parachutes on board in case of an emergency.

How can one book the flight?

The whole booking process for these jets is much the same as that for light aircrafts. You can book online or via telephone and then you will be sent an email to confirm your reservation. You also have to make a security deposit which requires a credit card.

Who can use these jets?

They can be used by just about anyone, for many different purposes. It all depends on the size of the jet and what it has included in it. For example you may want to use a heavy jet if you are travelling with your family or friends, because they will provide more comfort than light aircrafts. They are also great for businesses and can carry up to nineteen people just in the executive jet. They are also able to fly further than light planes causing them to be popular with governments and foreign dignitaries. Heavy jets provide a faster, more enjoyable journey for their passengers which is why they are so popular with regular travelers. Heavy jets are incredibly popular and provide many benefits to those that choose to use them. They can be used for any purpose and almost anyone can fly on one due to the safety precautions and qualifications of pilots.