Light Jets

Jet Charter is a preeminent provider of light, mid-size and super mid jet aircraft charters. For over 25 years, we have provided private jets to suit your travel needs whether it's for business or pleasure. With service provided by the most reputable charter operators across the country, our family of customers always receive exceptional treatment with access to an extensive fleet, professional ground agents at each destination and flexible terms that best suit our customers' needs. We offer a full suite of jet charter services including air taxi, private jet and commercial cargo.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Light Jets?

Light jets are a class of aircraft specifically used for business and personal travel that come in capacities around 6 to 9 passengers. They offer the best combination of speed, range and comfort when compared with other private jet types (e.g. super mid-size). Generally they cost less per hour than larger cabin jets but do not compromise on performance, grandeur or efficiency.

Why use Light Jets?

This jet type is best suited for city pairs of up to 2.5 hours, making it particularly popular with business travelers. Light jets offer the perfect mix of speed and range to ensure you make your next meeting on time or can enjoy a comfortable tour through your destination country. You'll still have access to all the features expected from larger cabin jets, including a galley and lavatory.

What is the typical speed for Light Jets?

Light Jets are equipped with powerful turbofan engines that can take them at speeds of up to 700 mph. Cruising speed for this class is typically around 500-550 mph/812 - 889 km/h. As a class of aircraft, light jets are particularly suitable for shorter city pairs. A sample journey from New York City to Los Angeles is 745 nautical miles and would take around 1hr 30mins in

What are the benefits of flying on a Light Jet?

One of the main advantages over larger cabin jets is the speed, which can save hours of valuable time. A long-range light jet is the perfect way to travel quickly across the country for business or make it on time during a personal trip with family. When you fly on board one of these jets, you'll enjoy grandeur amenities at every turn including GPS flight path routing, leather seats and high definition entertainment.

What are the safety procedures?

Jet Charter provides the knowledge and experience to make every trip safe, efficient, and effective. For our private jet charters, we have access to a unique network of aircraft. Authorized service centers maintain them, and they must pass strict safety examinations before being cleared for flight. The pilots are all FAA-certified commercial pilots who have undergone extensive training to satisfy our high standards.

How can one request a Light Jet?

It's never been easier to book in advance! Simply give us a call or submit an online request, and Jet Charter will handle the rest. You can also book your trip over the phone with one of our friendly reservation specialists, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are planes waiting for you, so don't delay any longer! Jet Charter provides the best in private air transportation with a full-service approach to customer support. Jet Charter can match your needs with its wide fleet, whether you need a small business private jet to commute back and forth from workplace or a full fleet to fly your company on a trip.