6 Top Amenities Exclusive to Private Jets

David Sheridan
Dec 22, 2022

Private jet charter has a strong reputation for providing travelers with incredible comfort and convenience. However, the conveniences of flying on a private jet extend well past the ability to skip long lines and plan your own itinerary. Some of the best private jet amenities may even catch you by surprise, pushing the limits of how comfortable an in-flight experience can be. From catered meals to private jet showers, private jets provide several incredible amenities you can’t find on commercial flights.

The Best Private Jet Amenities

Private jets offer many exclusive amenities that take the comfort and convenience of flying private to unbelievable levels. The following are some of the best amenities you can only experience on private jets.

1. Lavish Space and Comfort

The worst part of commercial flights is feeling cramped with other passengers and having no room to move around, meaning that the best part of a private jet is the ability to stretch your legs. For starters, you and your party are the only passengers on board, allowing you to move as freely as you’d like. In addition, private jets are outfitted with far more comfortable seating that puts commercial flights to shame, from cushioned couches to reclining seats, so you can enjoy absolute comfort while in the air.

2. Full-Size Bathrooms

Travelers always appreciate the chance to freshen up when done traveling but imagine the chance to do so while in the air. On a commercial flight, that is nearly impossible with bathrooms that barely have enough room to move around.

However, luxury private jet bathrooms offer everything from counter space to full-size showers. Private jet showers make you forget you’re in the air at all, providing you with hot water and enough room to leave you feeling refreshed. Whether you want to freshen up during your flight or need to prepare for an important meeting before you land, you can do so easily by taking advantage of a complete vanity and working sink.

3. Spacious Bedrooms

Sleeping on a private jet is also more comfortable than you could imagine. Sure, you can lean back for a nap in the incredibly comfortable lounge chairs throughout the cabin, but if you need to catch some extra rest, many private jets even have full bedrooms.

Private jet bedrooms can make you forget you are in the air at all, rivaling the best of hotel rooms with a king-sized bed and lavish furnishings. Even many smaller private jets feature comfortable sleeping areas, so the next time you book a red-eye flight, you can step off the plane feeling energetic, well-rested, and ready to take on your business.

4. World-Class Catering

One of the biggest highlights of flying on a private jet is world-class service, and with this service comes incredible meals. On a private jet, you can forget about lifeless frozen meals or bland bags of pretzels. When you request catering on your flight, you can enjoy fresh, chef-prepared meals that meet your dietary needs and excite your tastebuds.

Whatever meals you have in mind, simply talk to your flight operator beforehand so your flight crew can make it happen while you’re in the air. Many jets also feature full-service kitchens stocked with snacks and refreshments. When it comes time to land, you will walk off your flight feeling fueled and thinking about the next order of business instead of how hungry you are.

5. The Latest Technology

Often, private jet travelers have packed itineraries and cannot afford to skip a beat. Fortunately, private aircraft are designed with all types of travelers in mind, featuring the best technology that allows you to tailor your flight experience to your needs.

If you are traveling for business, private jets allow you to turn idle time into productive time. In-flight Wi-Fi and the ability to connect your device to the cabin screens and speakers make it easy to get work done on the way to your destination or call into important meetings. In fact, many private jets feature full-size meeting rooms with conference tables for smooth business trips.

Of course, you can also hook up your devices to watch your favorite movies or play your favorite music. Whether you want some extra entertainment or need to set up for an important meeting, the technology on board private jets makes it easy to tailor your experience.

6. Space to Bring What You Need

The space you have on a private jet is not only great for stretching your legs but also lets you worry less about regulations for what you bring on board. For example, when you fly commercial, you either have to decide to leave your pet at home or navigate a frustrating list of rules and procedures. However, when you fly private, you can bring your furry friend along for the flight with no problem at all. Your companion can sit in the cabin right alongside you, so you don’t have to worry about any added stress. Not only can you bring pets on board, but you can also bring other items you otherwise can not on a commercial flight, like golf clubs, skis, extra luggage, and more.

Experience Unforgettable Private Jet Amenities with JetCharter.com

The next time you fly, remember that your options are endless when you fly privately. To learn about all the possibilities that come with flying via private jet charter and experience the stunning amenities for yourself. When you fly with JetCharter.com, you can choose the type of aircraft that best fits your needs, build your plans to work for you and take comfort in our remarkable safety standards. Book with JetCharter.com today and experience all the best parts of flying private.

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