Can Private Jets Travel Internationally?

David Sheridan
Feb 15, 2023

Private jet travel is the most convenient form of air travel, but not everyone is aware of the limits. Many people use private jets to conveniently commute between states or even across the country, but not all realize that a private jet charter is an excellent option for international travel as well.

As is the case for domestic travel, flying private provides many benefits for flying internationally. When preparing for international private jet travel, there are a few extra factors you need to be aware of, but with the right preparation, you can enjoy several advantages.

Can You Book an International Private Jet Charter?

The convenience of private jet charter speaks for itself, but that convenience extends farther than most think. Private jet charter is an excellent alternative to commercial airlines for simplifying international travel. International private jet charter can involve a bit more preparation as it takes time to secure the permits and complete the necessary paperwork. However, when you choose the correct operator, they take care of the difficult preparation work so you can focus on conveniently reaching your destination.

In fact, there are several advantages to embracing international private jet travel over commercial options. For example, when you fly private, you can fly via the aircraft of your choice, which comes in handy on long international flights.

The longer your flight, the more you prefer specific amenities and value comfort. Private flights can even offer added comforts that are invaluable during international travel, like showers, kitchen areas, and full-size bedrooms. By choosing private jet travel over commercial flights, you avoid the discomfort that comes with sitting in an airline seat for the length of your flight.

Of course, all of the same typical benefits of private jet charter still apply to international travel. When opting for an international private jet charter, you enjoy the ability to book flights that meet your schedule. Plus, since private flights allow you to skip the crowds and TSA lines in the main terminal of the airport, you can arrive at the airport when you want and head straight to the fixed-base operator (FBO) to board your flight.

How To Prepare for International Private Jet Travel

Although you can easily fly an international private jet charter, there are still some additional steps you need to take to prepare. When planning for private international flights, make sure to do the following to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted travel plan.

Have Your Documents Ready

As is the case for commercial international travel, you must have all your required documentation in order to fly. For any international flight, you will always need your passport. In addition to your passport, always carry your standard ID with you. You will be asked to present your documents to your flight crew before takeoff and again to customs officials when you land.

If you are traveling to a country that has visa requirements, make sure you have the details sorted out well before your trip. In some cases, it can take weeks to receive your visa after applying. Some countries allow you to apply for a visa upon entering, but that is only a select few, so do your research early. Similarly, for countries that require specific vaccinations, make sure to have your vaccination records with you as well.

Expect To Pass Through Customs

Much like having a passport, passing through customs is another international travel requirement, no matter whether you fly privately or commercial. Customs will always be a requirement when entering a new country or returning to the US.

On the bright side, international private jet passengers don’t have to wait in long lines for customs when returning to the US. Instead, customs officers will come on board the aircraft to do a quick check. This check involves doing a quick search of your bag, asking a few questions,### and reviewing your documents.

Prepare Your Pets

Although you can bring pets onboard your aircraft, you must still consider the requirements for bringing them into a new country. Just like with any flight, it is important that you have all the necessary documentation for your pet. Countries will also require that your pet meets all vaccination requirements for entering, like the rabies vaccine. Of course, talk to your veterinarian before the trip to ensure that your pet’s health is in good shape to fly.

Know Your Aircraft Options

Not all private jets are built for international travel. Light aircraft are great options for commuting across or between states, but they are not suited for the range required for international travel. When planning for international private jet travel, you need a larger jet capable of carrying more fuel.

Knowing your aircraft options will help you get a head start when you are ready to book. Midsize and super midsize jets can provide around 3000-4000 nautical miles of range. If you are flying across the globe, you should opt for a long-range or ultra-long-range jet, which can provide anywhere between 4000 and 7000 nautical miles of range, depending on your choice. These jets also carry different numbers of passengers, anywhere between 8-19.

If you are having difficulty deciding which aircraft would be best for your private international flight, then your operator will be happy to help provide some guidance. For example, at, our 24/7 concierge service is ready to assist you in any part of your trip planning, including finding the best-size aircraft with the best amenities for your needs.

Book Your Private International Flight with

International private jet charter is an excellent way to enjoy the conveniences of flying private while reaching some of the most exciting destinations in the world. At, we help you take the experience to the next level, providing you with a wide range of aircraft options and amenities at affordable rates.

While up in the air, you enjoy an elite level of service with a flight team that works to provide you with a completely relaxing in-flight experience by doing all the preparation work for you. Meanwhile, you can enjoy complete peace of mind as we take safety seriously, maintaining WYVERN approval and ARG/US certification standards for each flight.

Contact us today at to learn more about all your private jet travel options and get started with booking your next international private charter flight.

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