Do Your Bags Get Checked on a Private Jet?

David Sheridan
Nov 25, 2022

Flying via private jet provides absolute comfort and convenience for a remarkable flight experience, especially when compared to flying commercial. In many ways, the procedures for flying private are different from those for flying commercial, even for bringing bags. When you fly private, you can enjoy added peace of mind with smoother security procedures and more convenient private jet luggage requirements.

Do You Have To Check Bags on a Private Jet?

In short, yes, you have to check your bags on a private jet, but this process looks a bit different than for commercial flights. First, private jet passengers can skip the main terminal of the airport. Instead, passengers handle all procedures and board the aircraft from a separate area called the fixed-base operator (FBO).

When you pass through the FBO before your flight, you will go through a quick security process. During this process, the flight crew will verify your identity and travel documents, like your passport, if you fly internationally. At this point, the flight crew may also screen your baggage before they bring it onboard the flight for you. However, when you follow this process, you don’t need to worry about taking your shoes off or taking items out of your luggage.

Plus, an FBO is far more pleasant than the main terminal, with a much calmer atmosphere that features a lounge area, multiple amenities, and, of course, no lines. Overall, private jet security is much smoother, allowing you to reach your destination faster.

Do Private Jets Go Through Customs?

Although private jet passengers are able to bypass the standard security process, private jets are still subject to international travel regulations, so all passengers must go through customs when entering the country after flying internationally. Customs personnel will review your passport and carry out any necessary screenings. They may also check the luggage of anyone on board the flight.

Still, the customs process for private travelers is much smoother than for commercial travelers. Instead of waiting in long lines, you can expect customs staff to meet your flight at the designated FBO upon arrival. As a result, you can land, take care of the necessary procedures right away and jump straight into enjoying your trip.

Can You Bring Anything on a Private Jet?

One of the greatest perks of flying private is that you have far fewer limitations on what you can bring compared to flying commercial. When you fly commercial, you are often limited to a maximum of two checked bags and strict size requirements. If you need to bring something outside these requirements, you are either out of luck or need to pay exorbitant fees.

On a private jet, the possibilities of what you can bring on board are much greater. Passengers regularly bring items like skis, golf clubs, full-size liquids and cosmetics, and even pets–all things that would be a headache on a commercial flight.

However, that doesn’t mean you can bring absolutely anything on a private jet. Make sure to follow local laws in both destinations for what you bring. For example, make sure you are allowed to carry firearms or substances at both of your destinations and discuss with your flight crew if you plan on traveling with them.

Experience a Private Flight Firsthand

Private jet travel gets you to your destination without the hassle of long lines, crowds, or strict baggage requirements. From the moment you arrive at the airport to the moment you land, you can expect an elite travel experience.

Learn more about the benefits and procedures of flying private from Contact us today with any questions you have about private jet luggage requirements or general procedures–we are always here to help.

Of course, the best way to discover the benefits of flying private is to experience them for yourself. Book with today and enjoy unparalleled service from takeoff to touchdown.

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