What To Expect: Flight Travel Restrictions in 2022

Camrynn Dobos
Oct 24, 2022

In 2020, travel was impacted like never before. The pandemic kept many flights grounded and would-be travelers stuck at home. When travel did start to bounce back and planes started to take flight once again, many travelers were held back by travel restrictions and testing or vaccination requirements.

Now, in 2022, air travel restrictions have loosened considerably, bringing more freedom to travelers. Although you can look forward to relaxed flight restrictions, there are still a few considerations you should keep in mind so that you can fully enjoy your experience.

What To Expect: Flight Travel Restrictions in 2022

2022 Domestic Flight Travel Restrictions

United States domestic flight restrictions are significantly lighter than those for international travel. As of June 2022, there are currently no states that require a quarantine period or proof of vaccine before entering. On a national scale, there are no longer any wide-reaching travel restrictions.

After over a year and a half of mask mandates on airlines, the US mask mandate officially ended as of April 2022. The CDC recommends that individuals continue to wear masks in indoor settings, but it is no longer an enforced requirement. You can learn more about CDC recommendations here. It is important to note that the CDC still strongly recommends against travel if you are experiencing symptoms from COVID-19 or have recently tested positive.

Altogether, restrictions for domestic travel are much less common than they were a year ago. However, you should research the restrictions status of the states you are traveling to. For example, despite no longer needing masks on airplanes, some airports around the country still have mask mandates in effect.

You should plan to pack a mask if you plan on traveling to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport or La Guardia, Philadelphia International Airport, or Los Angeles International Airport. These requirements are decided by the airports, so you should look to them for updates.

At the same time, each destination may have its own restrictions in place for businesses and tourist attractions. Despite restrictions becoming much more relaxed, you should at least prepare to bring a mask on your trip just in case to avoid any major inconveniences.

2022 International Air Travel Restrictions

Despite the relaxed air travel restrictions, travelers can still experience some restrictions when traveling abroad. Many other countries are still implementing requirements for international travelers. Therefore, you should be sure to research the requirements of your destination to avoid any issues or disruptions. Here’s what to expect when traveling to some common international destinations.


International travelers to Canada must be fully vaccinated in order to enter the country for tourism, business or education. A negative COVID-19 test is no longer required to enter Canada but is also not considered to be an adequate alternative for vaccination. The only exception to the vaccination requirement is those under 12 years old.

The Caribbean

Many travelers may be looking forward to a summer of relaxation in the Caribbean, but it is a good idea to research before booking that flight as some countries still have restrictions in place. For example, the Bahamas still requires a negative test before arriving. The Dominican Republic does not currently have any restrictions in place, but travelers may find themselves in a random entry test. The US Virgin Islands requires either proof of vaccine or a negative test before entering the country. Meanwhile, Jamaica and Puerto Rico have no restrictions in place.

Latin America

South of the United States, there are many different levels of restrictions. Countries like Mexico and Costa Rica currently have no restrictions in place. On the other hand, countries like Brazil and Colombia are still only allowing vaccinated travelers. Belize, Ecuador, and Panama are in the middle of the spectrum as they allow unvaccinated travelers, but only with a negative test.


Of course, Europe is a large continent, so it has many countries with varying requirements. Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, and the United Kingdom have some of the most relaxed requirements. Alternatively, countries like France, Spain, Germany, and Portugal have more restrictive requirements. France, Germany, and Portugal only allow vaccinated travelers and unvaccinated travelers with a negative test. Spain is currently allowing entry to only fully vaccinated travelers.

Returning to the US

As of June 2022, passengers traveling into the United States from outside countries are no longer required to demonstrate proof of a negative COVID-19 test in order to enter the country. The CDC states it will reassess the need for a testing requirement and may reinstate it if necessary, but there are currently no plans to do so.

The Advantage of Flying Private

Although many flying restrictions have been lifted, the risk of getting sick is never zero. As a result, some travelers may still be looking to lay low and avoid getting sick. Fortunately, flying private is the perfect option to do just that. On a private flight, you choose your fellow passengers, so you do not have to worry about sitting next to complete strangers or spending hours on a crowded airplane. You can choose to fly with just you and the flight crew or also include your close family; the options are all yours.

You can worry less about your exposure even before you board. Flying private means that you avoid the main terminal of the airport entirely instead of passing through an FBO with no crowds and no long security lines.

On top of it all, when you fly Jet Charter, you can trust that your flight was deep cleaned before every flight. Avoid the uncertainty of guessing commercial airline travel restrictions and rely on the consistency of private air travel. Our dedicated flight crew ensures that risk is mitigated as much as possible and is willing to take the precautions necessary to provide you with peace of mind. With fewer travel restrictions and a jet charter operator dedicated to your safety, you get the best of both worlds.

Enjoy the Freedom of Private Jet Travel

Now that travel restrictions have been lifted almost entirely, there is no better way to celebrate than to book a private flight to a destination of your choice. To learn more about your travel options and any possible restrictions in your destination, contact Jet Charter.com. Our 24/7 concierge service is available to help you with your trip planning and answer any questions you may have.

When you fly with JetCharter.com, you can expect to enjoy some of the strongest safety standards and most comfortable amenities in the industry. Book with Jet Charter.com to experience the difference.

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