How Much Time Do You Actually Save Flying Private?

David Sheridan
Feb 22, 2023

Time is a precious resource, particularly when it comes to business and personal trips. Efficiency, convenience, and the ability to save time flying private have contributed to its growing popularity among travelers.

But just how much time can you save by opting for a private jet? The answer is significant, with most private jet charters saving between 6 and 10 hours over commercial aviation. Without needing to wait in lines or on the runway and having more options of where you fly and when you can get there, the time saving can really add up.

How much time do you save by flying private?

You can save time in a variety of ways when opting for the convenience of flying private, and those time savings accumulate quickly, leading to substantial time savings. In fact, private jet travel can save you at least 6 to 10 hours in total.

  • More choices for airports, saving 1-2 hours
  • Bypassing long security and boarding lines, saving 1-2 hours
  • No waiting on the runway, saving 30 minutes to an hour
  • Faster, more direct flights, saving 3-4 hours
  • Quick booking processes, saving 30 minutes to an hour

Let us explore the ways private jet charter saves you time:

1. More Choices for Airports

One of the most significant advantages of flying private is the increased number of airport options, allowing you to depart from smaller, less crowded airports. Because private flights can depart from airports located closer to your starting point, you'll spend less time commuting to the airport and dealing with heavy traffic typically associated with larger commercial airports.

Furthermore, you can land closer to your final destination, minimizing the ground travel time it will take to get where you need to go. This flexibility in airport choice can save you about 1 to 2 hours, streamlining your overall travel experience and adding to the overall time you can save with a private jet charter.

2. No Waiting in Lines

When you fly private, you can bypass the long security, baggage claim, and boarding lines that often plague commercial airports and suck up your valuable time. While your bags still get checked on a private jet, the process is tailored to your specific needs making it far more efficient and less time-consuming than the typical commercial experience.

You'll also benefit from private terminals, which allow for a more relaxed and stress-free environment so your trip can start seamlessly. This convenience can save you an additional 1-2 hours, giving you more time to focus on your important work or your relaxing getaway.

3. No Waiting on the Runway

Traveling with just your party means no waiting for other passengers to board, disembark, or stow their luggage in the overhead bins. Private flights enable you to board the plane and depart straight from the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) once everyone is ready. This streamlined process means you don’t have to wait when your fellow passengers are late or because of overbooking of the aircraft.

This allows you to avoid many of the common frustrations associated with commercial travel, so you can get where you need to go on a preplanned schedule that meets your needs. By flying private, you can save 30 minutes to an hour, ensuring a smoother travel experience overall.

4. Faster, More Direct Flights

Private flights operate on your schedule, allowing you to avoid waiting for a flight to your destination to become available. This means no more layovers or waiting for direct flights that can add hours to your travel plans and make a busy schedule even more of a headache. You can book the flight you need on your schedule which allows you to maximize the efficiencies in your schedule and save you time.

Private jets fly you directly to your desired location, so ground transportation, once you arrive, is limited and you often do not need to worry about the congestion that is common with large airports. This efficiency not only saves you 3-4 hours but also provides a more comfortable environment where you can work or relax while in the air, making the most of your precious time.

5. Quick Booking

The process of booking private jets is faster and more convenient compared to booking commercial flights and it is also often more intuitive. Rather than shifting through the various airlines, seeing when they are offering specific flights, and trying to build your schedule around that, booking a private jet charter is as simple as sharing your itinerary, choosing your aircraft, and getting on your way.

Many private jet companies also offer memberships that can further expedite the process by pre-qualifying you for flights, simplifying payment, and providing access to preferred aircraft. Booking with streamlines the experience even further, ensuring a seamless booking process that strives to meet your every need. This efficiency could save you 30 minutes to an hour, further enhancing the convenience of flying private.

Save Time Flying Private with

All you need to do to get in the skies is enter your itinerary, choose the jet that best meets the needs of your specific trip, and book your flight. The simplicity that has mastered will save you time whether you are taking a one-off flight to a relaxing destination or you are constantly jetting around the country for business.

Book your next trip today at or explore our private jet charter options to find the perfect aircraft that meets all your travel needs.

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