5 Reasons to Get a Private Jet Charter Membership

Camrynn Dobos
Jan 2, 2023

You might not think flying via private jet charter can get any better than it already is, but you would be surprised. Flying Private already comes with incredible conveniences, like providing you remarkable in-flight comforts, giving you a quiet, personalized flight experience, and allowing you to avoid the crowds of the airport and security lines.

However, when you sign up for a private jet charter membership, often known as a jet card, you can take the benefits of flying to the next level. Membership can provide many additional conveniences, from giving you more direct access to flights to making the booking process even easier.

The Reasons to Get a Private Jet Membership

Private jet membership programs offer many benefits that make flying private an even smoother process. If you fly regularly, either for business or personal reasons, a charter jet membership can offer incredible value by saving you both time and money. Altogether, a few key benefits make a private jet membership well worth it.

1. Simpler Booking

When you have a private jet membership, you enjoy a more effortless, streamlined booking process. For example, you don’t have to worry about entering all your information and filling out multiple screens of questions every time you book a flight. As a member, you just need to provide your preferred itinerary to book your next trip.

Some jet card memberships will allow you to book your flight at the push of a button, requiring you to do no more than enter your destination and flight details through an app. Other memberships even let you text your preferred itinerary to book a flight.

When you face a busy schedule and a fast-paced work environment, an easy booking process provides remarkable convenience. As a result, a private jet membership saves you time and mental energy, allowing you to focus on taking care of what’s important.

2. More Straightforward Pricing

One of the most challenging parts of flying private is trying to keep up with fluctuating prices, which can add uncertainty to your travel and make it difficult to budget or plan for your trips. Fortunately, private jet membership costs make travel much easier, more straightforward, and more affordable with hourly rates.

In general, private jet charter rates may change frequently, rising and falling with market trends and adjusting for the competition. With a membership, you enjoy fixed, locked-in hourly rates centered around the aircraft type you choose. For example, you can book a turboprop at a fixed rate of around $5,000 per hour, a heavy jet for approximately $20,000 per hour, or another aircraft somewhere in between.

Fixed-rate pricing is not only more convenient, but it is also lower than a typical private charter flight. Fixed rates for flights could save you up to a few thousand dollars on each trip, giving you incredible savings over the year.

The best private jet membership programs don’t require you to pay an initiation or annual fees, so consider that as a factor if you are weighing your options for memberships.

3. Exciting Amenities and Accommodations

In addition to the convenience of membership, you can enjoy added comfort. Many memberships come with added benefits that make the flight experience all the more comfortable. For example, jet cards may offer onboard catering allowances or on-the-ground transportation services to and from your flight.

Private jet card holders also often have access to flight-class upgrades not available to the average passenger. Members can receive upgrades to a larger size jet or one with greater amenities, like faster Wi-Fi or a more impressive in-flight entertainment system.

Membership also allows you to have your personalized travel needs addressed. If you have special requirements, like dietary restrictions or in-flight preferences, your flight crew will be able to accommodate you more easily, thanks to your reputation as a member. At the same time, you will always be able to reach out and contact your operator to share your needs as they arise.

4. Direct and Reliable Access to Flights

When you have a busy schedule, things can come up on short notice and require you to take a last-minute flight. With a typical private jet charter, this can be difficult, as you have to navigate the risk that flights won’t be available or pay high surcharges for a last-minute booking.

However, private jet memberships offer priority access to flights, so members enjoy the security of being able to book when it’s needed most. This extra care and attention allow you to get in the air sooner, especially if your membership provides you guaranteed access to a specific type of aircraft.

For example, if your membership states that you can access a certain aircraft within 12 hours, your private jet operator will go out of their way to find a jet that fits your needs. The best private jet card memberships also allow you to avoid the stress of blackout dates, meaning you can fly when you need to all year long.

5. Extra Security for Your Travels

Air travel can come with some uncertainty, as cancellations or extenuating circumstances can affect your travel plans. However, private jet membership programs can help provide extra security for your trip. Memberships often offer guarantees that protect your travel plans and provide additional peace of mind.

For example, if you are supposed to have access to a specific type of aircraft, and it is not available, many memberships will guarantee you a jet of equal or greater value for your travel slot. If other circumstances come up, your operator will also work with you to adjust travel plans, giving you VIP treatment to make sure your travel plans go on without a hitch.

Simplify Your Travel with a Private Jet Membership

Ultimately, a private jet charter membership offers remarkable value and makes the travel process much more convenient. As a member, you can enjoy incredible peace of mind, knowing that all your needs will be covered while you save time and money, making memberships well worth it.

When you fly with JetCharter.com, you can enjoy the benefits that come with a private jet membership, including upfront and affordable pricing, outstanding customer service, and exciting upgrades. We also provide you with total peace of mind, following some of the highest safety standards in the industry.

To learn more about your options for flying with JetCharter.com, contact us today. Our concierge service is available 24/7 to assist you with your travel or answer any questions. We are happy to discuss the best private jet card and membership options with you so you can get the most out of your travel.

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