Top Private Jet Destinations

Camrynn Dobos
Sep 12, 2021

There are countless destinations for your elite jet-chartered trips. At Jet Charter, we know a few exotic locations and some that are well-loved. Ask our concierge team by calling to find out where your next adventure will lead. We have suggestions and know the places you want to go. Your exploration awaits. All you need to do is book your chartered flight.

Revel in the luxury of the beaches. Enjoy the colorful architecture downtown. You can walk through streets reminiscent of the old world of Europe here. Exclusive lodging is widely available, all at exceptional prices. The sightseeing options are stunning. You must see Barcelona. Come see it this weekend. It is a stunning place to explore on foot.

Top Private Jet Destinations

Geneva as a Chartered Destination

Geneva is another excellent choice for your travels. Enjoy the stunning lakeside views. Take in the Alps like never before. All of that waiting for your fun and relaxing trip to Geneva. Luxurious accommodations and historic views are so welcoming there. You will add this to your weekend get-a-way destination.

Paris Needs No Introduction

Paris needs no introduction, yet we must mention that it is one of the most exclusive destinations in Europe today. The sheer elegance of the accommodation options, and the historic views, are all waiting for you. You must see Paris in the spring. Be sure to bring a few extra bags. The shopping is amazing. The food is a pleasure on the palate. You already know about the famous landmarks.

USA Destinations

There are so many amazing destinations, right here at home, waiting for your chartered flight. Atlanta is one that many of our clients visit. Try a weekend trip there to take in some historic exploration, and enjoy the city's nightlife. It is as amazing as Miami, with enough differences to make it a unique place to see. Do not forget to take a horse-drawn buggy ride through the historic district.

Albuquerque as a Destination

Very few people know about the amazing options in Albuquerque. The entire state of New Mexico offers a trip into the old western days of our nation's history. Explore amazing mesa's and the Old Town ghost stories for a fun October trip. You will not want to miss out on visiting Albuquerque. There is an amazing museum of aircraft near the Sandia National Labs. Visit it soon and see what you missed. Live the Wild West in person.

Speaking of New Mexico

Speaking of New Mexico, have you ever been to Roswell? One little-known secret in New Mexico is the Alien Festival that Roswell offers every summer. You can see aliens walking around with the fun cosplay competitions, and enjoy a street festival where the whole state turns out for a night of fun. The event goes all week in July, but the first and last nights are the ones to attend. Be sure to book your lodging months before, as they fill up each year.

New York is a Classic

You have probably already been to New York. There are places there though that you must see. Scoring a ticket to the New York Fashion Show is a goal for anybody who values the fashion world. The options and perks of seeing the show go without saying. You can see all the latest fashions emerging for the upcoming season and make some exclusive new friends. If you have yet to explore New York during fashion week, then you need to come to see it.

All these private jet destinations are waiting for you to see. It begins with filling out the form in our booking section. Then place your phone call to get the chartered jet destination for your next adventure. Soon, you will have the pictures of a lifetime, to place in your memory book for adventures. Begin now, because there are so many places that you need to see. You will not want to miss these destinations.

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