What Are Empty Leg Flights and How Do You Book Them?

Camrynn Dobos
Sep 14, 2022

Private flights offer a unique travel experience with a world of comfort and convenience, but with one option, you can experience even more comfort for your wallet. If you are willing to be flexible with your travel plans and do a little bit of extra work before your trip, you may be able to save considerably. Discover the benefits of empty leg flights and how they work so you can add a new option of private jet travel into your future.

What Are Empty Leg Flights and How Do You Book Them?

What Is an Empty Leg Flight?

An empty leg is a flight where a plane travels without passengers. Empty legs can happen as planes are flown from one destination to another to meet their owners or return to their home location. Because operators or owners often want to find passengers to offset the cost of a trip that is already happening, travelers can find discounted rates on empty leg flights.

Empty leg flights are also known as dead leg flights, and they happen the most often between larger metropolitan areas, where people travel most frequently. Empty legs are common between destinations where people travel one way.

When looking for an empty leg flight, your best bet is to look on the backend of popular routes and travel times. For example, it is easier to find empty legs out of Florida during the winter since many people are traveling to the warm Florida weather on one-way routes during this time of year.

Keep in mind when booking that empty leg flights require a high degree of flexibility, as they have limited availability and are already scheduled for a designated time and route. Unlike most private flights, you will not be able to determine when your

However, these risks are often worth it, as the benefits of empty leg private flights are often too good to pass up.

What Are the Benefits of Empty Leg Flights?

Choosing to fly on empty leg charter flights has several advantages. The largest of which is the discounted rate that you receive compared to standard private jet charter flight prices.

Generally, empty leg flights can be found for prices as much as 50% off their typical retail price. Some flights can be found for as low as $500. Additionally, when you fly on an empty leg flight, you experience all of the same benefits you would on a typical private flight, like avoiding commercial airline delays and large crowds at the airport. With the same benefits at a lower price, it is impossible to go wrong with a trade-off like this.

If you enjoy the more spontaneous side of life, then empty leg flights are a great way to embrace it. Schedule an unplanned trip by exploring the variety of empty leg flights available to you. Since these flights are offered at such discounted rates, you can enjoy a potential getaway for a percentage of the usual price. With such a large discount, it is easy to justify jumping on a spontaneous flight. Consider looking through empty leg charter flights the next time you want a short but enjoyable vacation.

How Do You Book Empty Leg Flights?

There are a few options for booking private jet empty leg flights. Some websites keep track of empty leg flights, and you can explore a wide array of options through them. Finding reliable empty leg flights online can be hit or miss, however. The vetting process of ensuring the flights are guaranteed, along with the process of finding a flight that fits your schedule, can be quite time-consuming, especially without support.

The best option for booking an empty leg flight is directly through a private jet charter company. Jet Charter, for example, has comprehensive software that provides information about all private flights and can highlight any empty legs. When you contact Jet Charter, you can discover all the options available to you.

Not only can a charter operator provide you with direct information about scheduled empty leg flights, but they can also provide you with targeted, friendly service. When working with the charter operator, you can simply share your travel plans with the concierge service, and they will be happy to provide information about options that may work for you since they specialize in trip planning.

Plus, when booking through an operator, the booking process is simple and straightforward. Get all the details you need about the empty leg flight and book your seat all in one easy process.

Start Booking Empty Leg Charter Flights Today

Do not worry about scavenging the internet for the best empty leg flights website – contact JetCharter.com directly. As a respected and reliable private jet charter company, we can help you discover all the options available to you. Our 24/7 concierge service will happily provide you with options for private jet empty leg flights and work with you throughout the trip planning process.

Start planning your empty leg charter flights so that you can enjoy the convenience of a low-cost private flight while also being able to experience all the benefits that a Jet Charter flight has to offer. Whether you book your own flight with us or book with us through an empty leg flight, JetCharter.com provides you the best in private aviation, offering extensive amenities, remarkable customer service, and the highest safety standards in the industry. Book your empty leg flights today and enjoy the power of private travel at a discounted rate.

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