Business and Corporate Charter

Don't wait to do more. Business and Corporate Charter, you can take off whenever you like, without having to wait in line at an airport. We offer business and corporate travelers a flexible travel solution for their air transportation needs.

What are Business Charter Flights about?

Today, companies of all sizes rely on for their business and corporate jet charter needs. We can help you take off from the airport nearest to your corporate headquarters or from a preferred airport near your home or meeting destination, without having to go through those big commercial airports with those long lines. In addition, each aircraft contains full catering and conference facilities, so your traveling team can work on the plane or prepare for that all-important meeting as soon as you land.

Who can use Corporate Private Charter?

There are no restrictions on who can book a business or corporate jet charter flight. Whether you manage a small business with just a handful of employees, have an office full of people in need of travel, or represent a multinational corporation with employees across the country and around the world, has the perfect jet for your trip.

What information do you need to book a Business Private Jet?

You will need the following:

  • Flight Information Phone Number
  • Meeting Location and Address
  • Destination address (airport codes are helpful)
  • Aircraft make/model needed or preference (optional for jets for sale or charters without crew)
  • Preferred departure/arrival times
  • Number of Passengers
  • Number of Bags
  • Any special requests or equipment needs

What are the basic types of Corporate Flights?

A business jet can take you almost anywhere in the world. No matter where your next business trip is, will get you there on time in style and comfort. The following are the most common types of flights arranges for business users:

business people in private jet charter

Scheduled or private jet charter

Perfect when you need to fly between busy airports without having to deal with the crowds.

On-demand helicopter charter

Get where you are going in no time with this excellent option for short-distance travel.

What does Business/Corporate Charter have to offer you?

Flexibility offers the ultimate in flexibility. We won't tie you down to a schedule, so you can reach your destination when it's convenient for you and your trip. Plus, with so many aircraft at our disposal that are outfitted for spectacular comfort, you'll feel relaxed from the minute you step onto your jet.

Safety is so dedicated to safety that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) performs over 70,000 checks on the aircraft annually. This allows us to maintain a history of performance and mechanical excellence. Since we are also Part 135-certified by the FAA, we are monitored on a regular basis to ensure the planes' safety.

Experience has served the business aviation community for over 45 years, so you know you can trust us to get you where you need to be without any trouble. We have an excellent reputation in this industry that allows us to expand the fleet and service.

Customer service

When you call, it won't be long before you hear the friendly voice of one of our customer service agents. We love helping those who book air charter with us and we strive to be as professional as possible in everything we do. Put your trust in Charter Flight Group for all of your business or corporate jet charter needs.

What are the security procedures at is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all those at your destination. If you're wondering how we maintain such a high level of security, it's simple: The FAA mandates that only Part 135-certified air carriers adhere to stringent guidelines to ensure your safety. Additionally, we also conduct 70,000 FAA-mandated checks on every aircraft in our fleet annually. These extensive tests not only ensure a safe trip but they also help lower our costs to you so we can keep the cost of private air charter down for those who book air charters with us.

security process & passport requirements for private flights

What is the process of getting a Business Private Jet?

When you contact us, our specialists will ask about the location of your destination. If it's near an airport that can accommodate a private jet, we'll recommend several aircraft options for you to choose from. If not, we'll work with you to find another destination that has an airport near enough to where you are going but is still cost-effective. When you've decided on an aircraft, our experts will ask about the size of party traveling to ensure they sort out the exact number of seats needed for your group.

Then, all that remains is the way you'd like to pay - by credit card or wire transfer. Once we receive payment, our team begins preparing your private jet charter passenger manifest so you, your group and all their belongings can go through the appropriate security measures. Within a few days of chartering a private jet, we'll have it ready for you to take off from its destination airport.

How long does it take to get a Corporate Private Jet?

It will depend on where your final destination is and how flexible you are about when it leaves. An average private jet trip takes two to three days from start to finish, but we'll work with you in order to get it done in a time that makes sense for your schedule and needs. We can even help you chart a custom flight path so you can see new destinations on your way to your original destination. can provide you with both large and small jets, so book one today!