Empty Leg Flights

One-way flights, made easy.

Empty Leg Flights

One way to save a lot of money on chartered flight costs are the empty-leg flights we offer. Flights that go somewhere need a flight back. To save money on those flights back, you can book a flight on empty-leg jets to get where you need to go.

Empty-Leg Flights

Empty-leg flights are the perfect way to go one-way on a chartered flight. You receive the same upscale experience. We cater to all your needs. Our empty-leg flights include the 24/7 VIP service and the same aircraft. The only real difference is the control.

Empty-Leg Flights

The Flight Differences

Since you are traveling in a one-way flight, you will not have an itinerary to select. You go from the departure location to the destination of the aircraft. You also can not select the type of aircraft. Likewise, you must be at the departure location for take-off. If you are willing to work within those parameters, you can receive the same high-class service as our other charter service, while you save money.

How These Chartered Flights Work

The flights change every day. It is important to check the availability by checking the one-way flight selection on our site. Place where you are coming from, then add your destination. If there is a one-way flight, then it shows you the details. Then book the flight and enjoy all the rest of the exclusive benefits that you know a chartered jet offers.

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Timing For Empty-Leg Jets

A few things about the timing for these flights. Since they are a one way flight returning from a booking, with no passengers, you will not have the exact times until prior to departure. It is important to check the flight times, so you are ready. The savings are well-worth it. There are no crowds. You will not need to go through the TSA. You can take a group of people on the flight at an amazing discount.

Highest Level of Exclusivity

Flying on an empty-leg jet is a next-level experience of comfort. The airports that we use have far more luxurious waiting areas. There are no large crowds as in a regular airport. You keep your shoes on through the airport as there are no checks. All you need are your papers for identification and us. We handle everything, just as we do for all our private charters.

Empty-Leg Flights and Convenience

Once in flight, you will enjoy luxurious seating and all the legroom you can use. Many of the airplanes offer sleeping births and all the comforts you need. Ask us before the flight, and we can accommodate all your needs. Some flights have showers and the accommodations of a stateroom. This varies by the jet used for the flight. Normal flights are always crowded and leave you sore when you arrive. These empty-leg jets provide a way to refresh yourself before you arrive at your destination.

Exclusive Savings For Charter Flights

If your schedule is flexible, you save money for the exact same flight as our regular chartered jets. The exquisite comfort and state-of-the-art technology are exactly identical to everything in our regular chartered flights. Check today to see how much you can save on one of these flights. The savings are waiting for you now.

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How Much Savings Can You Expect?

One of our empty-leg flights saves you up to 75% off the regular chartered price. When you share the flight with several people in your group, the savings are even greater. Imagine going somewhere with a group of friends or a get-a-way for the family in a luxurious chartered jet. With empty-leg flights, that is possible.

Empty-Leg Jets

Leave from one of the regional airports where we depart, and receive the included food and beverages in-flight. You will enjoy the ground transportation when you arrive. This is an amazing savings during peak flight hours. Imagine flying in one of the empty-leg jets during the holidays, when everyone is struggling to find a commercial flight. Now add to that the amazing feature of flying a commercial chartered jet with us for a similar rate as a first class flight during peak season.

This is, by far, the best way to fly. For those seeking an exclusive way to travel on a budget, consider empty-leg jets. Fly to an exclusive destination. Enjoy a spontaneous trip with that special someone. Get that flight to a work destination. Arrive refreshed from the relaxing flight, and land that next deal. Head home and enjoy knowing that you did all that, and saved money.

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