Frequently Asked Questions

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Jet Charter provides competitive prices paired with the highest safety requirements

Do you offer international private jet charter?

Yes, currently you can instantly book private international destination flights on

How much does it cost to fly a private jet from...?

Simply enter your itinerary on and you'll see instant pricing in seconds.

Can children fly?

Yes, however a parental consent form will have to be completed prior to your flight.

I missed my airline, can I get a charter?

To book a last minute flight, please call our flight advisors at +1 (888) 655-1778

Are the private jets handicap accessible?

While we will take action possible to accommodate, please reach out to a flight advisor to discuss in detail.

Is there wifi on your private jets?

Yes, however not all classes of aircraft come with Wifi. Please see the aircraft descriptions for more information.

Can I bring water/beverages?

Yes, you can bring whichever beverages you would like for your flight.