Pet Friendly

Transport your pets with peace of mind.

The Benefits of Your Pet Flying on a Private Charter

Jet Charter understands that flying is a bit stressful for pets their first time. Our specialized staff understands that. We take every possible step to make sure that we provide the highest level of comfort. The entire journey is one of enjoyment, with your pets along for the journey.

pet-friendly private jet service

The Pet Friendly Private Jet

The jets have a safety check before every flight. It's a standard protocol in aviation. Ours are a step above that. We are ARTUS safety-rated. You can sit back and enjoy your flight. Your pet will feel completely relaxed. We pamper our pet passengers as well. They are part of the family. We are your premier pet-friendly private jet charter.

The Pet Friendly Charter Pilots

Your pilots know every aspect of the jet. They charter the plane every day. Your pilot offers you the pet-friendly private jet service you expect. They do so with the highest level of service anywhere. You will avoid lengthy time waits with our impeccable attention to your needs. The pilots are top-tier. They get you and your pet to destinations that commercial airlines won't serve. All this comes with complete anonymity.

Safety for You and Your Pets

We offer the best standards for safety in our jets and practices. Each luxurious flight comes ready for you with all the details you expect. The plane is safe and sanitized for your complete security. We understand that you expect the best. That is why we offer that for you.

Pet Friendly Charter Quality Selections

With access to hundreds of jets, we have what you need. The executive jets and airlines are ready for your chartered needs. Our proprietary software offers the best prices. You can fly in three hours from the time of your booking choice. Grab your pets and book one of our chartered jets today. Enjoy the concierge service 24 hours a day. We fly seven days a week for your needs.

All the Necessary Little Details

Jet Charter ensures that every pillow is fluffed for both you and your pet. If there is something you need, all you must do is ask. We accommodate all your needs with the most discreet attention to details. We have served some of the best, and welcome you to our family of clients.

Five-Star Service

Our service for you and your pets provides everything needed for a safe and comfortable flight. They can now go everywhere you do. Take the work out of planning your travel plans. Even a quick visit to another state is simple with us. Your pampered pets have our commitment to excellence, just as you expect.

Concierge Service For Your Pets

Tell us what you need. Your furry and feathered friends can have toys and blankets to make their flight a pleasure. For compliance with travel regulations, please make sure they are up-to-date on their vaccinations. This ensures everyone's safety.

Let us know how we can make your chartered flight the best your pets have experienced. We even have treats. We offer whatever they need, to make their trip as luxurious as yours. Ask us about your concerns for your chartered jet booking. We know how to make your pet friendly private jet the best flight yet.