What Is the Cost of Flying Private?

Camrynn Dobos
Feb 6, 2023

Flying via private jet charter is one of the most convenient forms of travel. It offers several benefits, from avoiding the crowds and lines of the main terminal of the airport to enjoying total peace and quiet on your flight. Compared to commercial flights, flying private is a brand-new world of comfort, and for many, the additional costs of flying private are more than worth it.

However, because private jet charter prices are calculated differently than commercial airlines, not everyone knows what to expect when shopping for flights. With a complete picture of how charter flight costs are estimated and the different factors to consider, you can plan more easily for a smooth trip via private jet charter.

What Factors Influence Private Jet Prices?

As with anything, charter flight costs are not one-size-fits-all, and they can be influenced by multiple key factors. Before you commit to flying private, it is important to know how the costs of your flight are calculated so you know what to expect. When you book any private flight, the cost will be determined by the following factors.

Hourly Rate

Private jet prices almost always start with the hourly rate, as the length of time you reserve the aircraft plays the most significant role in the operation costs. After all, the longer you fly, the more fuel you use and the more time you are reserving the aircraft for your personal use.

Hourly rates vary depending on the private jet operator you fly with and the type of aircraft you choose. These rates may change based on market trends and other additional factors.

Aircraft Amenities

Every aircraft offers different amenities, and the ones that you choose for your flight will affect the prices. For example, aircraft that include Wi-Fi or in-flight entertainment systems will cost more than those without. Of course, when you book, it is your choice whether you want to choose an aircraft that offers these conveniences.

Different types of aircraft feature different amenities, so your choice of aircraft will allow you to control which features you need or don’t need. Special requests like in-flight catering or additional flight crew on board will also add to the cost.

Type of Aircraft

The number one factor in determining your hourly rate is the size and type of aircraft you choose. Each type of aircraft uses different amounts of fuel and has different requirements to fly, so each option will have a different hourly rate. The aircraft size can also impact airport fees, which can end up being added to your bill.

Larger, longer-range aircraft will cost more money to book as they are more expensive to operate, while smaller aircraft will be less expensive. The type of aircraft often correlates with the number of amenities onboard, which will contribute to the price. Many private jet charter operators allow you to choose from a large selection of aircraft, so you have more control over your flight.

Additional Factors

Although the price you pay is often consistent depending on the aircraft you choose, there are several additional factors that can vary from flight to flight depending on the current market and your destination. Other variable costs include:

Availability - As with any kind of flight, higher demand means higher prices. During peak travel periods, the cost of private flights rises to account for the higher number of travelers. If your preferred aircraft is in high demand, this can also raise the price.

Fuel Surcharge - If fuel prices are higher than average, you may have a surcharge added to your hourly rate.

Runway Fees - Most airports have runway and landing fees to reserve your space to land. These prices can be higher depending on the size of the airport and how busy it is.

Transport Fees - If you choose to fly on an aircraft that needs to be repositioned to your location for your flight, you may have to pay for the cost of the flight to your location.

How Much Is a Private Jet Flight?

The most significant factor in determining the price of a private flight is the type of aircraft you choose for your trip, as this determines the operating costs of your flight. Below you will find what you can expect from each type of aircraft, including an estimated hourly rate. Keep in mind that the hourly rates discussed below are the prices before taxes and other potential add-on charges listed above.

The Type of Aircraft


Turboprops are the smallest type of private aircraft you can charter and get their name from using an engine that generates power through a propellor. Turboprops are excellent for quick, short-range flights. These jets can vary in size, so they can generally seat anywhere between two and eight passengers depending on your choice of aircraft.

The hourly rate to book a turboprop usually ranges between $1,000 and $4,000.

Some examples of turboprops include:

  • Pilatus PC-12
  • King Air 350
  • Nextant G90XT

Light Jets

Light jets are excellent for commuting flights, like quick business trips to nearby cities or states. Because they are smaller, they also carry less fuel, which makes them better for shorter-range trips. Even though they are less spacious than other jets, they can still hold up to eight passengers depending on your choice of aircraft.

When booking a light jet, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 and $8,000 per hour.

Some popular examples of light jets include:

  • Cessna Citation Series
  • Nextant 400XTi
  • Learjet 45
  • Embraer Phenom 300

Mid-Size Jet

Mid-size jets are the next step up from light jets and are the perfect middle ground when looking for a flight that is spacious but not overbearing. Mid-size jets also provide more range than light jets, often able to reach or exceed 3,000 nautical miles, making them a better option for trips traveling across the country. They are spacious enough to usually hold between seven and nine passengers.

Usually, the cost of a midsize jet ranges between $8,000 and $18,000 per hour.

Popular examples of midsize jets include:

  • Beechcraft Hawker 800XP
  • Cessna Citation XLS
  • Dassault Falcon 2000

Super Mid-Size Jet

Super mid-size jets are even larger than mid-size jets, providing added comfort, leg room and storage capacity. As a result, these jets are the perfect option for family trips or business team ventures. These jets can often hold around eight to 10 passengers or more.

The price range of a super-midsize jet is around $11,000 and $23,000 per hour.

Some examples of super midsize jets include:

  • Cessna Citation X
  • Cessna Citation Sovereign
  • Gulfstream 200

Large Cabin Jet

Also called heavy jets, large cabin jets are some of the biggest you can choose from, and they feature plenty of space for around 12 passengers and their luggage. Some heavy jets are even large enough to hold up to 19 passengers. These jets are also heavy on amenities, as they often feature multiple living spaces, like lounge areas, small kitchen areas, and sometimes even bathrooms, for the ultimate flight experience.

The value of a large cabin jet leads to a higher price than the other types of aircraft. Depending on your preferred amenities and upgrades, the cost of a large cabin jet ranges between $13,000 and $26,000 per hour.

Some examples of heavy jets include:

  • Gulfstream Challenger 600
  • Dassault Falcon 900
  • Gulfstream GIV

Ultra Large Cabin Jets

Also called ultra-long-range jets, these jets have the most to offer out of any of the other types of aircraft. These jets feature the largest cabin space of any type of jet, able to seat between 12 to 19 passengers with extensive leg room. Their large size makes them both more comfortable and more capable of cross-country or international travel.

Because of their advanced capability, these jets are also the highest cost to book. The hourly rate for an Ultra-large cabin is usually upwards of $15,000.

Popular examples of ultra-large cabin jets are:

  • Gulfstream G6
  • Global Series
  • Embraer Legacy 600

How To Save Money on Private Jet Charter Flights

Although private flights are priced based on several given factors, like fuel and flight time, you still have multiple ways that you can impact the cost. In addition to choosing more affordable aircraft, here are a few ways you can save on private jet charter prices.

Empty Leg Flights

Empty-leg flights often provide a convenient way to reduce the cost of private jet travel. Empty legs are flights that occur simply to move an aircraft from one airport to another without passengers. For example, if a passenger takes a one-way flight to their destination and then the aircraft needs to be moved back to its home airport.

Many aircraft operators will allow you to book a seat on one of these flights. Because the aircraft is already traveling between the two destinations, you are able to reserve your seat at a discounted rate.

Private Jet Memberships

Private jet memberships provide another opportunity to save on your private jet travel. Memberships are generally the best option for travelers who consistently use private air travel for flying. However, if you fly less than 200 hours a year, it is better to stick to a private jet charter for the most affordability.

Choose the Right Operator

Still, there are plenty of other ways to save on your charter flight costs, and it all starts with choosing a reliable operator. Your flight operator sets the rates for your flight and the payment terms. At JetCharter.com, we make booking your private jets easy and accessible from start to finish.

For starters, we offer some of the most flexible payment terms in the industry, allowing you to travel when you need to most, and without the stress. You can choose to pay for your flight as early as 30 days before your booking or up to the day before. To make private jet travel more accessible, we will even allow you to split the price of your flight into three monthly payments.

We also make the payment process as simple as possible, accepting all forms of payment for your flight. Whether you prefer to use checks, PayPal or credit cards, the power is completely in your hands.

Charter a Private Flight at Affordable Rates

With all of the factors that affect private jet charter prices, you can put the power in your hands by choosing the right operator. When you book with JetCharter.com, you enjoy the best of private aviation at the best value. We always ensure you have the ideal flight experience, from providing you with world-class aircraft for your travel to guaranteeing your peace of mind with some of the highest safety standards in private aviation.

Contact us today to speak to a flight advisor at JetCharter.com about a private jet charter cost estimator, which can provide you with full transparency surrounding your charter flight price. Our concierge service is available 24/7 to assist you whenever needed. Book with JetCharter.com today and see the difference for yourself.

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